Air and Nitrox Fills

Air and Nitrox Fills


Air fills up to 300 bar are available.  We are able to fill both diving and air gun cylinders as well as some paintball cylinders while you wait.


The air is filtered and tested regularly for impurities, and a certification of analysis is displayed in the shop. Our air exceeds current requirements for recreational and technical diving using an inline electronic monitoring system. This allows us to analyse the air in real time ensuring quality is constant rather than using a hit and miss system of a time based filter changing. 



All cylinders must have a valid and in-date test stamp in line with HSE guidelines.  We will not be able to fill any cylinders that do not conform to these standards.


To purchase enriched air Nitrox and Trimix fills, your cylinder must have been oxygen cleaned within the last 15 months.  We will also need to see a valid certification that is appropriate for your gas fill requirements.