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MEET OUR STAFF! - Al Sheward

Why did you learn to dive?

I had always been a snorkeler and bought a decent mask from time to time from dive shops but with four children to bring up never found the time or money to take it any further than that. Well at 50 years of age and with four adults i could now leave to their own devices i did a couple of try dives on holiday and knew it was something i couldn`t ignore after that, at 51 i popped into Aquasport and booked the open water referral course. I changed that to the full course (two weekends back to back) when i realised i wanted to do more than just dive on holiday once a year.

What is the favourite course you have done? 

DUP the Digital Underwater Photography course my first real step to becoming an underwater photographer, im going to be able to keep so many memories because of this.

What is your favourite course to teach?

Open water its so exciting to be part of that journey again with new divers and help them get to the point where they become scuba divers.

Do you have a favourite piece of dive kit?

My Suunto dive computer with transmitter and my camera rig.

What was a memorable dive for you?

Land based from Ilfracombe (great to come back to in the evening) to Lundy island to swim with and photograph seals, fantastic feeling of being in touch with the sea and great fun as well, they are naughty.


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