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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Staff Name: Cat Jones

Why did you learn to dive?

Stubbornness and spite!

I used to be a lot bigger than what I am now. At my week-day job I organised a staff charity skydive but realised too late I was over the weight limit. I figured that if I can’t skydive I will scuba dive instead. After having my Discover Scuba Diving session I haven’t dried out since.

What is the favourite course you have done?

PADI Advanced Open Water. After a rocky start on my Open Water course, I was more confident on what to expect. The variety of dives over the weekend with little “tasters” of different types of diving was a lot of fun! Plus there were no skills to do. It was just diving with instructors.

What is your favourite course to teach?

PADI Open Water. It starts off on the first Saturday morning with people anxious, not knowing what to expect and maybe never having breathed underwater before.

On the second Sunday we are laughing away, lots of hugs and high-fives, maybe even a jump in the water to splash about with just drysuits on. The growth you seen in people over those two weekends is so rewarding!

Do you have a favourite piece of dive kit?

I am a big data nerd and I love analysing things (if you want to be my best friend, ask to see my dive log spreadsheet…) so my Suunto EON Core feeds into that!

I can get so much information during and after my dive. Although my O’Three Drysuit is affectionately called Agatha I do love her too...

What was a memorable dive for you?

I am a big sucker (pun intended) for cephalopods. I have been known to cry into my mask when meeting an octopus, especially when one held my hand. I also really love night dives. So when there was a night dive on a liveaboard in Egypt, everyone knew I wanted to see one. It was fun that everytime people did spot an octopus, they were flashing their torches at me to be sure that I saw!

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