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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Staff Name: Peter Bell

Why did you learn to dive?

I'd just turned 30 and wanted to do something memorable. I did my scuba diver cert in Sharm and loved it but didn't dive properly for another 5 years when I went on holiday to Turkey where I did a refresher. When I came back I decided to sign up for my Open Water cert with Aquasport and haven't stopped since.

What is the favourite course you have done?

The Night Diver course would be my favourite although that's challenging in the depths of winter. I love that everything looks and feels so different at night.

What is your favourite course to teach?

I really enjoy the AOW course to teach. I feel the Open Water course is all about the skills and the AOW course is more about real world diving scenarios. 

Do you have a favourite piece of dive kit?

I think you have to love gadgets to be a diver and I love my Eon Steel. I started with a Vyper air which is great but love how easy it is to read the screen on the Eon

What was a memorable dive for you?

In the picture attached I was diving in Cozumel in Mexico and was on a night dive. When we were entering the water, a storm was starting and you could see the lightening from under the water. We saw sleeping turtles and experienced the bioluminescent algae which was amazing!


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