Suunto Eon Steel Software Update

Updated: Jan 22

The New Suunto Eon Steel Software Update!

Suunto have finally released their long-awaited Eon Steel update, there are two updates available for the Eon Steel the first one being a free user upgrade to RGBM Fused 2 algorithm already seen in the Eon Core and 5M, this is a user upgrade via DM5.

The second being an update to the Buhlmann ZHL16 algorithm which is updated by Suunto. Buhlmann ZHL16 is mainly used by technical divers and features on a lot of other "tech" computers this means that all you Eon Steel owners who have had different run times to your team can now match them!

Buhlmann ZHL16 algorithm features

  • No lockouts meaning the computer will not display an error mode because of a missed deco stop.

  • Gives the ability to run a stepped decompression profile in traditional 3m increments.

  • User Customizable gradient factors

  • Once the Eon Steel is updated you are still able to switch between the Suunto algorithm and the Buhlmann algorithm.

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Mitch Haycock.

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