Aqua Lung Amika Snorkelling Fins

Aqua Lung Amika Snorkelling Fins

If you're wondering, "What are the best fins for snorkelling?", Aqua Lung Sport snorkelling fins are designed for comfort, control and power. These are, hands down, the best snorkel fins for your vacation, traveling or just for having a little fun in the pool or at the beach exploring your local shores. Aqua Lung Sport excels at technologies that reduce or eliminate ankle fatigue while offering buckles that are easy to adjust.

  • The foot pocket design follows the shape of the foot enhancing comfort.
  • The holes on the foot pocket improve drainage of the water helping don and doff.
  • Bungee Strap bi-materiale: the first material is harder to prevent any deformation of the ring, the second one is more elastic to allow the best extension of the bungee for all the positions.

  • Cutout in the fin blade shifts the bending point backwards and thus enables a powerful fin strike.

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