Atomic Aquatics Venom Mask

Atomic Aquatics Venom Mask



Wicked Look due to its striking styling, and Heavenly Vision because of its extraordinarily new lens. After all, the main reason you dive is to SEE what’s down there!  The Venom dive mask lets you see more…and you’ll look great doing it.


The Venom has exceptional optical clarity with UltraClear Schott Superwhite™ glass lenses. Its single window hydrodynamic styling and double layer dual-coloured silicone skirt provides extreme comfort, functionality and improved vision.

Atomic Aquatics revolutionised the dive industry with “UltraClear” lenses. Before UltraClear, all dive mask lenses were made from low-quality float glass with a visible green tint caused by iron particles remaining in the glass after processing. These green iron particles significantly block light transmission through the lens.

All Atomic Aquatics masks utilize a higher quality optical glass that significantly improves underwater vision allowing up to 96% of light transmission-UltraClear glass.

The newest UltraClear lens in the Venom dive mask is made by the Schott Glass Company in Germany. The Venom gives you the highest purity grade UltraClear glass available. That means you get incredible clarity and high light transmission that isn’t available in other masks - even those who claim to be ultra-clear.


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