Custom Divers Versa Ratchet Reel

Custom Divers Versa Ratchet Reel

These reels offer both ratchet and free run functions with the required mode selected by pulling and turning the sprung knob located at the bottom of the spool. Because of its unique design, the reels are snag-free and the tension of the spool run may alsobe adjusted to suit individual needs.


These reels are versatile and have been designed so they may be converted from a standard grip
handle to side/hand mount (an additional frame kit is required to adapt the reel to your preferred arrangement). 

The reels are available in three sizes, 40 metre, 70 metre and 125 metre, with white 2mm line with a breaking strain of 98kg.

The main body is manufactured from precision machined high grade black PVC and all
other fittings are made from stainless steel.