Computer Retractor

Computer Retractor

A retractor clip for use with Suunto dive computers.  Use it as an alternative to wearing your computer on your wrist. By using a retractor clip, your computer is protected and stays close to your body.


The Spectra / Nylon Line has 60lbs breaking strength, 9 o. retraction force and 32" extension with a stainless steel spring and hardware. You can grab your computer, use it and let it go. It's out of the way but still easy to find.


The quick pinch clip connection can be left on your BCD during storage and used to quickly attach the retractor for your dive.

Compatible with the following Suunto computers:

  • Vytec
  • Vyper (not NOVO)
  • Gekko
  • Zoop (not NOVO)
  • Favor/Fusion
  • Solution Series
  • Companion
  • Octopus 2