Fourth Element Thermocline Fin Socks

Fourth Element Thermocline Fin Socks

Comfortable lining socks for full foot fins and neoprene boots. Constructed using flat lock stitching and fleece lined fabric, Finsocks minimise abrasion from full foot fins and allergic reactions to neoprene boots whilst eliminating the risk of sores or blisters from rubbing.


Worn underneath neoprene boots, Finsocks help to keep the feet a little warmer and assist with the donning of a wetsuit by providing a low friction contact between the feet and the inside of the wetsuit.


They are also ideal for children and young adults whose feet are still growing as they can help a pair of fins which are a little too large fit better and last longer.

“Protect the extremities.” That’s what one famous explorer said, although he was probably making a comment on the fact that several intrepid adventurers have lost digits to frostbite. Cold feet on a dive certainly do not present the same risks as frostbite, but it’s true that if your feet get cold on a dive, concentration can waver and an otherwise fantastic dive can be marred by discomfort. 



New for 2018, the Finsock, Thermocline Sock, Hotfoot and Hotfoot Pro now feature an outer material made using ECONYL® 100% recycled nylon from post-consumer waste including ‘ghost fishing’ nets.