Oceanic Wheeled Courier Bag

Oceanic Wheeled Courier Bag

This stylish courier bag is a perfect way to get your scuba gear to and from the water. A roomy durable bag for all your water sports gear.

Fill it and pull it to your next activity. This is a great bag for long distance travel and local trips.

The Oceanic Wheeled Courier Bag is exceptionally well designed with a hard base at the bottom of the bag, for the essential heavy duty equipment that is needed for every dive.


The many extra side pockets mean you can stash your valuables in a separate compartment away from your main equipment.


There is also a dry back pocket suitable for documents and even large enough for suits.


Simply designed in matt black, with the convenience of a name tag pocket, Oceanic have used high-end materials to ensure the best quality has been put forward, giving you less to worry about.


The front carry handle is perfectly positioned for heavy lifting. Loading into or out of vehicles or collecting it off the airport carousel is not a problem.

£89.95 Regular Price
£69.00Sale Price