PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

No one wants to see a fellow human being in trouble, especially if that person just happens to be your dive buddy. Being ready to help a fellow diver if ever the need arises by becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider should be at the top of every divers ‘to do’ list.


It will help you breathe easy knowing that you know how to recognise illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen. Being the best buddy you can be means being prepared, especially in a time of need.

To Start

How do I get started?

As with all of the diving education programmes at Aquasport you start with the training materials. A deposit of £50 is required to book your PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider. We will provide you with the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider manual for you to read prior to the start of your training.



What will I do?

During your programme you will cover the following:

  • Recognise diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen
  • Identify the various types of oxygen related equipment
  • Properly setup equipment
  • Administer emergency oxygen


You will complete half a day of intense emergency oxygen administration related training. In our fully equipped multi-media classrooms you will review step-by-step when and how to provide emergency oxygen. You will also learn about safety considerations and how to assemble and disassemble emergency oxygen equipment.



How long will it take?

The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider is a half-day classroom based programme.



What will I need?

Though suited for divers, this course has no prerequisites and does not include dives, which means it is equally applicable to those who are around divers i.e. boat crew, non diving buddies, lifeguards and shore staff. You don’t need any previous CPR or first aid training to take the programme.


There is no minimum age requirement for enrolment on this programme.



PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider £125.


A £50 deposit is required when you book your programme with Aquasport. Balance of payment is due two weeks prior to the start of your training.



Starting on alternating Saturday and Sundays and midweek evenings throughout the year.


Courses starting monthly. Call the centre for the latest course information on 0121 706 6628 or email


Where To?

Where can I go from here?

Once you have completed your PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider you have started on a programme of diver awareness and responsibility.  A further step would be to complete the PADI Emergency First Response (EFR) and Resuce Diver courses.


Once you have completed five PADI specialties, the PADI Rescue Diver course and have 50 logged dives you hold all the prerequisites for the PADI Master Scuba Diver certification. This is the highest non-professional rating in the PADI system of diver education.


Here at Aquasport all of our Instructors hold this level of recreational certification. We recommend that every diver takes this route regardless of their further ambitions as we see it as a commitment to education and a real achievement.

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