Stormsure Instant Waterproof Adhesive Repair Patches

Stormsure Instant Waterproof Adhesive Repair Patches

Great value temporary adhesive repair patches from Stormsure, ideal for repairing just about anything! This pack of 5 circular repair patches are made from a thin but extremely tough polyurethane film which can bend and stretch with almost any fabric or material.


The patches are stronger than regular PVC repair patches and can be used on surfboards, kitesurfing kites, any inflatable items such as kayaks or SUPs and any waterproof or PVC items which need fixing. 


As long as the surface is clean and dry, they provide an instant waterproof and airtight repair until you can get your item professionally repaired if necessary.


  • Tough, flexible and stretchy
  • Circular
  • 75mm diameter
  • Can be cut down to size with scissors for awkward shapes
  • 5 pack

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