Our qualified service engineers are able to offer equipment servicing on ALL makes and models of diving kit.

Every diver needs their equipment servicing regularly. All our servicing is done on site and therefore we can offer you a convenient and fast turn around. Simply drop by the centre to book in your kit, or take advantage of our regulator postal service.

All regulators are serviced using our ANSTI test facility, giving you a full computerised readout of your regulators performance when placed under extreme demand such as would be expected during an air sharing emergency at depth. This allows us to tune your regulators to much higher levels of performance than using simple analogue gauges, as well as giving you full confidence in your equipment for future dives.

Full cylinder testing and O2 cleaning is also available with our in house IDEST Test Station and two fully qualified and experienced IDEST Test Engineers.

Our Air Station pumps air to 300bar with NITROX & TRIMIX fills available.


Remember if dive shop doesn’t sell a manufacturers equipment, chances are they are not authorized to service it! This means they are probably not aware of vital safety updates and have access to databanks containing up to date servicing schemes. Here at Aquasport we are authorized to service every major brand or equipment on the market, as well as most (if not all) the lesser known brands too.

WARNING! If you have your regulator or other diving equipment serviced by a unauthorized service facility then you may be voiding your insurance if the worst should happen!

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